About Chef Aly

A note from Chef Aly

My first memories of the kitchen started with being my Dad’s sous chef. I remember waking up bright an early and my Dad and I would head to the kitchen to get breakfast going, always chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. A simple dish, but ultimate comfort food!

Standing on a step stool, I would lean over the grill pan, blue eyes like his wide with anticipation.This is where my love and passion for the kitchen began, on simple Saturday mornings, sunlight beaming through the windows, messy kid hair, pajamas on, soaking up every ounce of information, movement and feeling in the room. over the years he taught me all his kitchen secrets and techniques. I was always in awe of him in the kitchen, it was his happy place, and quickly became mine. His love of food, and passion for the kitchen inspired my own desire to become a chef and share my love of food with others.

My philosophy about food and cooking is to use fresh, whole foods prepared simply. I am passionate about quality over quantity. I believe in supporting our local farmers, and getting the best products possible. Seasonal ingredients shine from being prepared well with simple,whole ingredients. I carefully hand select everything that I cook for my clients and treat each meal with the utmost care and consideration.

My love of entertaining and bringing people together inspired me to share my love of cooking. I strive to make something as simple as a weekday meal, to a large catered party something special. Let’s see what we can cook up together!

-Chef Aly Pedersen

Executive Chef/Owner-The Inspired Palate

Chef Aly graduated from The New School of Cooking in Culver City California, and also started her culinary career at the New School before moving into the catering/private chef business. Five years later she had a once in a lifetime experience to further her culinary education by studying in Italy and is a graduate of “Cook The Farm” a full immersion culinary experience in Sicily, Italy. 

Aly is a South Bay local, and grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA. Aly has worked with many high profile clients over the past nine years, most notably she has worked closely with the Los Angeles Kings and professional athletes. Aly specializes in working with clients who have specific dietary needs and need to eat for their health. Her niche is understanding different diets, researching, and creating flavorful food no matter what the challenge. Aly has a huge heart for dogs, specifically pugs, a donation from every catered event is made to pug rescues in Southern California.